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For the Next

Small things can make or break an experience. Some events happen far enough apart that we usually only remember the good and the bad, rarely do we remember what would have made the experience better.

The goal of "For the Next" is to help users catalog and curate their experiences and ideas. Instead of the add and do cycle of todo apps, users are encouraged to add long term notes that apply to an event time after time.

"For the next" is a minimalist app that focuses on the user experience instead of a large feature set. Screens flow from one to another giving users the feeling that the whole app is made of only a single screen. The user can create events, change their theme and add notes to them, that is it, no registration to open the app or slow cooker integration.


App Store Description

Imagine, you are looking for a place in your bag to squeeze in one last thing for the flight back. You packed too much. Again.

Kevin won't shut up about his new sailor chest tattoo and you forgot your headphones. It's going to be a long flight.

Pack less, bring headphones. Enjoy not listening to Kevin.

Write it down for the next time.


Name: For the Next

Price: FREE

Platform: iPhone iOS 8.4+

Release: April 1, 2016

Developer: Nikola Lajic